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Our names are Petra and Petr. We are regular people, who couldn't imagine being trapped in an office for 5 days a week after studying at the University of Economics (in Prague). We wanted freedom. This was our main motivation for starting out business. After coming home from Australia, we opened up our own Bikram Yoga Studio in Ceske Budejovice (Czech Republic). We love sports, but while working out, we were missing clothes that gave us the freedom to move, look nice, is functional and most importantly, is durable. We couldn't find any such clothes on the market, so we started making them on our own. We drove to Italy to get fabric, looked for our first workshop and made our first clothes. We were delighted to soon get positive feedback from our clients. Our clients' friends and their friends also like our clothes. So, we started making our sportswear in bulk.

A lot of time has passed since this time and the Dragonfly brand has developed a good reputation in the Czech Republic and abroad. Today, we ship our sportswear to more than 80 countries worldwide and are among the top market leaders in the area of sportswear for pole dance and bikram yoga. We are happy to have so many fans around us, who live with a love for sport and perfect clothing.




We manufacture from proven fabrics and components. We buy locally as much as possible.

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We sponsor sport competitions worldwide. By purchasing Dragonfly clothing, you contribute to the development of your favorite sport.

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